So it's now 6:33pm (Sunday 26/09/10, still)

Just got on the train to Cromer - Chore. I've been reading some magazines and my eye was drawn to the attention of 'Women hate me because I'm beautiful' admittedly I thought "this woman is obviously a dick". She kinda was because she's not THAT pretty. But it did highlight a few things for me about how women can feel SO threatened, and I guess if my new boyfriend was bezzie's with a good looking woman I'd feel a bit worried.
I'm not the jealous type, without good reason. I think if you give someone everything you can then you can't get paranoid or rather it's not worth it. You can only do your best and be your best, if someone's going to cheat on you, they're going to cheat on you. You just have to hope they don't.

It also got me thinking about myself, now I in no way would call myself beautiful, but I am friends with a lot of men that are/have been in relationships where their partners/wives/girlfriends have been threatened by me and demanded that they don't speak to me. Now i am never rude, quite the reverse when meeting them and the worst part is, the men go along with it. It is hurtful to lose a friend in that way, and I'm sure they'll come back when/if they break up. But then that poses the question should you forgive them? Should you let one of your best friends ditch you for their girlfriend and then come back once the relationship is over?
I dunno.

I would always accept a blokes female friends as long as they weren't flirty with them in front of me. That's just rude.

Okay, ponder/rant over.

What to bake this week? Lemon meringue cupcakes? Banana loaf? Chocolate kisses? Hrmm I'm in a baking mood. These are all things I've tried and tested at home already so maybe I'll trawl my recipe books at home and make something new. Wouldn't mind some Palmiers though!
I don't think there's anything nicer than baking for someone. Well, anything that involves time and creativity is something that is far more special to me than something that is bought. This year, starting at Christmas I'm going to try and handmake as much as possible. I'll get some ideas online later.

Muchos Grazias



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