So it's now 6:33pm (Sunday 26/09/10, still)

Just got on the train to Cromer - Chore. I've been reading some magazines and my eye was drawn to the attention of 'Women hate me because I'm beautiful' admittedly I thought "this woman is obviously a dick". She kinda was because she's not THAT pretty. But it did highlight a few things for me about how women can feel SO threatened, and I guess if my new boyfriend was bezzie's with a good looking woman I'd feel a bit worried.
I'm not the jealous type, without good reason. I think if you give someone everything you can then you can't get paranoid or rather it's not worth it. You can only do your best and be your best, if someone's going to cheat on you, they're going to cheat on you. You just have to hope they don't.

It also got me thinking about myself, now I in no way would call myself beautiful, but I am friends with a lot of men that are/have been in relationships where their partners/wives/girlfriends have been threatened by me and demanded that they don't speak to me. Now i am never rude, quite the reverse when meeting them and the worst part is, the men go along with it. It is hurtful to lose a friend in that way, and I'm sure they'll come back when/if they break up. But then that poses the question should you forgive them? Should you let one of your best friends ditch you for their girlfriend and then come back once the relationship is over?
I dunno.

I would always accept a blokes female friends as long as they weren't flirty with them in front of me. That's just rude.

Okay, ponder/rant over.

What to bake this week? Lemon meringue cupcakes? Banana loaf? Chocolate kisses? Hrmm I'm in a baking mood. These are all things I've tried and tested at home already so maybe I'll trawl my recipe books at home and make something new. Wouldn't mind some Palmiers though!
I don't think there's anything nicer than baking for someone. Well, anything that involves time and creativity is something that is far more special to me than something that is bought. This year, starting at Christmas I'm going to try and handmake as much as possible. I'll get some ideas online later.

Muchos Grazias


Post 1, Sunday 26/09/10.

So I've decided to post a personal blog again. I've deleted all the old crap and this is mainly because I'm pretty sure my "friends" on facebook are sick of all the guff I keep posting on there and how regularly.

I'm writing this on the train back from London. Had a lovely weekend staying with Phil in the Hilton baby! We had a lovely balcony looking out onto the river Thames and shared a nice glass of wine. So my travelling today;
Jubilee line to London Bridge
Northern Line to Bank
Central line to Liverpool Street
Train to Colchester
Train to Manningtree
Bus to Ipswich
And currently on the train to Norwich, where I will change to get  the train to Cromer.
I hate travelling on a Sunday.

Left the hotel at 12, got to Canada Water tube station at 2:10pm and it is now 5:32pm - due to get into Norwich at 5:58pm and god knows when the next train to Cromer is. (Train takes 45 mins from Norwich to Cromer :( )

Coincidentally, my phone battery died 20 mins into the journey even though it said i still had half the battery left - as you can imagine this filled me with joy as it is my music and wifi. (I had put it on charge last night but it is actually that shit, that it didn't charge.)

Yesterday was eventful. I had a panic attack on the tube, surrounded by people; not on my list of favourite things to have happened to me, but I did however get a police caution. This was post panic attack where I was pissed off with myself for being such a wuss and some drunk guy firstly started to come on to me, I told him to fuck off. He came back again,I once again told him where to shove it. The third time he came back and actually had the audacity to attempt to steal my wine! So what did I do? I elbowed him in the face. To be honest, I didn't really think about it, and thinking back on it now,it may have been a bit harsh but he did kinda deserve it. I got a cheer from the other people on the platform and they did defend me hence why I was only cautioned.I think the fact the man was too drunk to give a statement worked in my favour as well.

So yeah, fun day all round.

So tonight I'll be at home, feeling sorry for myself cos I seem to have developed a nasty cold and a bad shoulder. I may even call Orange and abuse them for giving me a third shitty phone since I upgraded in April. Hopefully I'll get something completely different, but they said I'll only have a choice of three, and I very much doubt that any of them will be top of my "Phones I want" list.

I wouldn't mind an iPhone but I don't want to look like a Yuppie. I wouldn't mind an Xperia X10 mini but they're pretty new and will probably have a lot of issues. I even quite like the look of this new Motorolaflip thingy but again, don't want to look like a cock, nor do I think Motorolas are any good.
I want a phone that is pretty, reliable, can make phone calls, can play my music, has a good camera, has predictive text thats easy to use, a battery life that lasts more than one day, easy to use internet and doesn't make me look like a cock. That's not too much to ask is it?
If you're wondering my current phone is a Sony Ericcson Vivaz U5. It is pretty and it does have a good camera but it's unreliable and lies all the friggin time! I won't go into it, or this post will double in length!

I'm so so excited about Goldcon next week (it's massive house party that's held in someone from work's house once every couple of months and this time it's Rich's turn in Leeds). I'm chuffed as hell cos I'll be going the Friday night and staying with Yann to kick his ass at Streets of Rage and get him drunk, then spending the whole of Saturday being shown the delights of Leeds with Rich and Matt. Really excited about seeing Matt cos he's flying over from France just for the party! And equally excited about seeing Rich as he's been so good to me the last couple of weeks and kept a smile on my face (as much as possible). Then it's game on from about 7pm. I'll try not to drink too much, there'll be cameras documenting the night so embarassing myself is not high on the agenda.

I've run out of things to say for the time being sooo........

Muchos Grazias

N. x